“For me, music is always the language which permits one to converse with the Beyond”
Robert Schumann

Jimi Florence (C. Diogo Botelho Niemeyer) is a contemporary music composer, with interest in eclectic styles such as blues, rock, jazz, experimental, electronic, psychedelic, funk, punk, grunge, flamenco. Born in Brazil, living in Spain right now. Has affinity with other aesthetic disciplines such as video & photography.

"– I’m not looking to be within a specific style, nor let go of my references. I consider myself eclectic, in terms of gender, however I pay particular attention to the interpretation. Some of my influences show through in many of the songs."

"– I give great emphasis to the emotional aspect of the sounds. I worry especially by the presence of the random or unique. Events as a note “out” or a silence where expecting something. Noises from the system itself analog playback and recording greatly. I am interested enough to investigate to what extent the "bug" brings authenticity, and therefore excitement to music. My perception is that what we connect with a song are just little nuances that make the sound perceived personally, creating surprise by not being within expectations."


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