Jimi Florence (Carlos Diogo Botelho Niemeyer) is a contemporary music composer, with interest in eclectic styles such as blues, rock, jazz, experimental, electronic, psychedelic, funk, punk, grunge, flamenco. Born in Brazil, living in Spain since 2001. Has affinity with other aesthetic disciplines such as video & photography.


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Spanish Movements This project are eight instrumental improvisation pieces with Spanish guitar, which are based on the flamenco scales, where the sound of this instrument is explored.

Aisthēsis – αἴσθησις Aisthēsis, from greek (αἴσθησις) is the perception from the senses, feeling, hearing, seeing. Sensation, perception, as an opposite of intellection (noesis), understanding and pure thought; more loosely. Maybe one form of cognition or discernment of moral and ethical matters by the aesthetic.

One more collection from Living Room Sounds Projectsongs that aims to build soundscapes for connect to emotional states. Original themes, with unique characteristics. The tracks are recorded in one take, this work way brings flow to the songs. There are not concern about formal harmony or metric, is something intrinsic of this compositions.

RAW Crude, pure, root, fresh. Four pieces semi-improvised, recorded same time audio and video. No cuts, no more then one guitar by time (but on some track, two amplifiers). The result is a self-portrait. If you wanna to see the videos, here on my vimeo channel. Thanks for listen

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